RENO Sports Seating provides sports facility Inspections, maintenance and repair services for school districts K12. Our specialty is Indoor and outdoor bleacher installation, maintenance and repairs. We have a state contract with TIPS/TAPS and awaiting contracts with TCPN and 1GPA cooperatives.  Our focus is with the local RGV school districts which we have established a good working relationship with.

Our Services

Reno Sports Seating, LLP provides a range of bleacher repair, inspections, replacement, installation and removal services.

tips-taps_logo_smallBleacher Safety

Did you know:
Frequency of inspections should be determined on the amount of use. CPSC recommends that bleachers should be inspected thoroughly every quarter to identify any structural damage that could compromise safety.

  • Bleacher Inspections: find the problem before the problem interrupts any games.
  • Solution: Once the problem is defined, come up with a solution and budget to fix it.
  • Code Ready: If concerns are about safety to fans and being up to code, we offer a ready rail that remains on bleachers during operation.
  • Bleacher Maintenance: It is critical to maintain your bleachers regularly to ensure the safety of fans.

Bleacher Repair

We will repair any structural damage to any Telescopic Bleachers. Repair includes a jack and weld, grease, tightening nuts and bolts.


We will inspect bleachers and give the school a Bleacher Inspection report, on Manually and Power Operated Bleachers. We will check for loose and missing bolts,welds or breaks in welds, we will check wall attachment anchoring, bent or damaged row locks, check upper and lower row interlocks, we will check for track obstruction, and misalignment & excessive wear.


We can Install or retrofit your bleachers with safety rails, or change out motors on your existing Bleacher’s. Also we supply Bleacher boards finished or unfinished, move bleachers from the wall and reattach after the floors are put in the gym. We also tear out old bleacher in the gym.


Maintenance includes tightening all nuts and bolts, Grease upper and lower track assemblies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost for a bleacher inspection?
A: There is a road trip fee for each inspection. When repair work is ordered the inspection fee is deducted from the cost.

Q: Do you sell replacement bleacher boards?
A: Yes, Southern Yellow Pine Boards 3/4″ and 5/4″ finished or unfinished.

Q: Can our Bleachers be motorized?
A: Yes, Non-Friction Power Unit can go on Hussey, Interkal, Safway, Berlin, Medart, Universal, Sheridan, Kodiak, Wayne and Folding Bleacher Company.

Q: Do you have a warranty for repair work?
A: Yes, All repair work is guaranteed for one year and Non-Friction Power Unit is a five year warranty.

Q: How often do bleachers need to be inspected??
A: Every year.

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